MSc in Developmental, Neural, and Behavioral Biology

Our institue participates in the DNB study program of the Faculty of Biology by offering theoretical and practical modules covering topics of basic and advanced immunology.

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Module M.Bio.303 (Cell Biology). Our institute contributes to this modul by introducing students into selected topics in the field of immunology

Module M.Bio.370 (Cellular and Molecular Immunology). This module consists of a theoretical and a practical part, and is offered by colleagues from the Institute for Cellular and Molecular Immunology, the Institute of Neuroimmunology, the Department of Psychocardiology, and the Clinic of Dermatology. The theoretical part consists of a lecture series covering basic and advanced aspects of immunology, and several seminars and tutorials that help students to consolidate the aquired knowledge (time frame: 2 weeks). The subsequent practical part consists of a lab rotation that can be conducted in any suitable research laboratory (time frame: 3 weeks). The modul is organized by Dr. Niklas Engels.

Module M.Bio.380 (Advanced Immunology). In this module, students who have previously participated in module B.Bio.370 have the opportunity to perform a longer research project in the field of immunology. The time frame is 7 weeks.

Module M.Bio.331 (Scientific Project Management). This module is reserved for the preparation of an experimental Master thesis. The time frame is 6 months.

Download Lecture Scripts Module M.Bio.370

  • Lecture "Introduction: Immunological Concepts, Hematopoietic System" (N. Engels)
  • Lecture "Antigen Recognition and Signal Transduction" (M. Engelke)
  • Lecture "Antigen Processing and Presentation" (R. Dressel)
  • Lecture "T Lymphocytes: Development, Tolerance, Effector Functions" (F. Lühder)
  • Lecture "B Lymphocytes I: Development, Antibody Functions" (N. Engels)
  • Lecture "B Lymphocytes II: Activation, Differentiation, Vaccinations" (N. Engels)
  • Lecture "Innate Lymphocytes, NK Cells, Immune Evasion by Viruses" (L. Walter)
  • Lecture "Clinical Immunology I: Allergy and Autoimmunity" (M. Engelke)
  • Lecture "Clinical Immunology II: Mechanisms of Skin Allergies" (A. Braun)
  • Lecture "Clinical Immunology III: Tissue-specific Inflammation" (T. Meyer)
  • Lecture "Translational Immunology I: Immuno-Oncology" (N. Engels)
  • Lecture "Translational Immunology II: Vaccinations" (H. Reichardt)
  • Lecture "Interplay between the nervous system and the immune system" (A. Flügel & F. Odoard)
  • Lecture "Animal Models to study CNS Autoimmunity" (D. Lodygin)