Selected publications from the Engels lab

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since 2015

Löber, J., Hitzig, C., Münchhalfen, M., and Engels, N. (2020). Vav family proteins constitute disparate branching points for distinct BCR signaling pathways. Eur J Immunol 50(12):1912-1928.

Schmitt, M.E.R., Lutz, J., Haase, P., Böls, M.R., Wienands, J., Engels, N., and Voehringer, D. (2020). The B-cell antigen receptor of IgE-switched plasma cells regulates memory IgE responses. J Allergy Clin Immunol 146(3):642-651.

Götzke, H., Kilisch, M., Martinez-Carranza, M., Sograte-Idrissi, S., Rajavel, A., Schlichthaerle, T., Engels, N., Jungmann, R., Stenmark, P., Opazo, F., and Frey, S. (2019). The ALFA-tag is a highly versatile tool for nanobody-based bioscience applications. Nat Commun 10(1):4403.

Gomes de Castro, M.A., Wildhagen, H., Sograde-Idrissi, S., Hitzing, C., Binder, M., Trepel, M., Engels, N., and Opazo, F. (2019). Differential organization of tonic and chronic B cell antigen receptors in the plasma membrane. Nat Commun 10(1):820.

Keller, B., Shoukier, M., Schulz, K., Bhatt, A., Heine, I., Strohmeier, V., Speckmann, C., Engels, N., Warnatz, K., and Wienands, J. (2018). Germline deletion of CIN85 in humans with X chromosome-linked antibody deficiency. J Exp Med 215(5):1327-1336.

Vanshylla, K., Bartsch, C., Hitzing, C., Krümpelmann, L., Wienands, J., and Engels, N. (2018). Grb2 and GRAP connect the B cell antigen receptor to Erk MAP kinase activation in human B cells. Sci Rep 8(1):4244.

Vanshylla, K., Opazo, F., Gronke, K., Wienands, J., and Engels N. (2018). The extracellular membrane-proximal domain of membrane-bound IgE restricts B cell activation by limiting B cell antigen receptor surface expression. Eur J Immunol 48(3):441-453.

Lutz, J., Dittmann, K., Bösl, M.R., Winkler, T.H., Wienands, J., and Engels, N. (2015). Reactivation of IgG-switched memory B cells by BCR-intrinsic signal amplification promotes IgG antibody production. Nat Commun 6:8575.