Selected publications from the Reichardt lab

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since 2017

Gayer, F.A., Fichtner, A., Legler, T.J., and Reichardt H.M. (2022). A coculture model mimicking the tumor microenvironment unveils mutual interactions between immune cell subtypes and the human seminoma cell line TCam-2. Cells 11, 885.

Gayer, F.A., Reichardt, S.D., Bohnenberger, H., Engelke, M., and Reichardt H.M. (2022). Characterization of testicular macrophage subpopulations in mice. Immunology Letters 243, 44-52.

Reichardt, S.D., Amouret, A., Muzzi, C., Vettorazzi, S., Tuckermann, J.P., Lühder, F., and Reichardt H.M. (2021). The role of glucocorticoids in inflammatory diseases. Cells 10, 2921.

Bier, J., Steiger, S.M., Reichardt, H.M.*, and Lühder, F.* (2021). Protection of antigen-primed effector T cells from glucocorticoid-induced apoptosis in cell culture and in a mouse model of multiple sclerosis. Frontiers in Immunology 12, 671258. *shared senior authorship

Reichardt, S.D., Lühder, F., Wiegers, G.J., and Reichardt, H.M. (2021). A flow cytometric approach to study glucocorticoid receptor expression in immune cell subpopulations of genetically engineered mice. Immunology Letters 233, 68-79.

Muzzi, C., Watanabe, N., Twomey, N., Meers, G.K., Reichardt, H.M., Bohnenberger, H., and Reichardt, S.D. (2021). The glucocorticoid receptor in intestinal epithelial cells alleviates colitis and associated colorectal cancer in mice. Cellular and Molecular Gastroenterology and Hepataology 11, 1505-1518.

Kaiser, T.K., Li, H., Roßmann, L., Bohnenberger, H., Reichardt, S.D., Feldmann, C., and Reichardt, H.M. (2020). Glucocorticoids delivered by inorganic-organic hybrid nanoparticles mitigate acute graft-versus-host disease and sustain graft-versus-leukemia activity. European Journal of Immunology 50, 1220-1233.

Kaiser, T.K., Khorenko, M., Moussavi, A., Engelke, M., Boretius, S., Feldmann, C., and Reichardt, H.M. (2020). Highly selective organ distribution and cellular uptake of inorganic-organic hybrid nanoparticles customized for the targeted delivery of glucocorticoids. Journal of Controlled Release 319, 360-370.

N’diaye, M., Brauner, S., Flytzani, S., Kular, L., Warnecke, A., Adzemovic, M.Z., Piket, E., Min, J.H., Edwards, W., Mela, F., Choi, H.Y., Magg, V., James, T., Linden, M., Reichardt, H.M., Daws, M.R., van Horssen, J., Kockum, I., Harris, R.A., Olsson, T., Guerreiro-Cacais, A.O., Jagodic, M. (2020). C-type lectin receptors Mcl and Mincle control development of multiple sclerosis-like neuroinflammation. Journal of Clinical Investigation 130(2), 838-852.

Li, H., Kaiser, T.K., Borschiwer, M., Bohnenberger, H., Reichardt, S.D., Lühder, F., Walter, L., Dressel, R., Meijsing, S.H., and Reichardt, H.M. (2019). Glucocorticoid resistance in T cells alters the gene expression profile in the inflamed small intestine of mice suffering from acute graft-versus-host disease. Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 195, 105485.

Fischer, H.J., Finck, T.L.K., Pellkofer, H.L., Reichardt, H.M.*, and Lühder, F.* (2019). Glucocorticoid therapy of multiple sclerosis patients induces anti-inflammatory polarization and increased chemotaxis of monocytes. Frontiers in Immunology 10, 1200. *shared senior authorship

Hoepner, R., Bagnoud, M., Pistor, M., Salmen, A., Briner, M., Synn, H., Schrewe, L., Guse, K., Ahmadi, F., Demir, S., Laverick, L., Gresle, M., Worley, P., Reichardt, H.M., Butzkueven, H., Gold, R., Metz, I., Lühder, F., and Chan, A. (2019). Vitamin D increases glucocorticoid efficacy via inhibition of mTORC1 in experimental models of multiple sclerosis. Acta Neuropathologica 138, 443-456.

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Klaßen, C., Karabinskaya, A., Dejager, L., Vettorazzi, S., Van Moorleghem, J., Lühder, F., Meijsing, S.H., Tuckermann, J.P., Bohnenberger, H., Libert, C., and Reichardt, H.M. (2017). Airway epithelial cells are crucial targets of glucocorticoids in a mouse model of allergic asthma. Journal of Immunology 199, 48-61 (including cover page).

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Montes-Cobos, E., Ring, S., Fischer, H.J., Heck, J., Strauß, J., Schwaninger, M., Reichardt, S.D., Feldmann, C., Lühder, F., and Reichardt, H.M. (2017). Targeted delivery of glucocorticoids to macrophages in a mouse model of multiple sclerosis using inorganic-organic hybrid nanoparticles. Journal of Controlled Release 245, 157-169.